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Wether it is a creative feature film, television, documentary, innovative online content or a stunning commercial or image film, we are real filmmakers at heart. Some stories just need to be told: And what better medium than film? Film could arguably be the ultimate art form. In the best of cases it combines visual arts, poetry, great performances and music to an exciting story about fascinating protagonists and enlightens our human condition.


To capture a story or the essence of a person in a single image is an artform as old as humanity. From the first cave-paintings to the masters of fine art, humans have always left their mark in pictures. Our aim is to create timeless images and powerful photography that can build on that tradition and expand on an exciting art form.

Art, Music & Event

Life is not all disasters and preparedness. We believe that the best way to motivate people is through positive experiences. We promote great events and we love great art and music for all the obvious reasons. Whatever moves you keeps you going and rocks your groove... to do more good!

We are also working with talented composers and musicians that can create the perfect accompaniment to your film or a sound ID. We love to make music, as much as you love to listen to it.

Stories for a Better Future

CARYZMA was created by a group of passionate filmmakers, storytellers, photographers, animators, writers, musicians and journalists to use the power of storytelling for something good, to bring positive, transformative stories and viable media content to a vibrant community of exceptional people. With production presence in Berlin and Los Angeles, and a network of content creators all over the world, CARYZMA can bring global and local content and stories to a diverse community. 

CARYZMA operates a digital platfrom for positive Stories for a Better Future.  features mulitmedia stories about great projects and people that make the world more sustainable.

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